BUGI project is proposed to respond to the graduates/workforce, enterprises, experts, planning and infrastructure capacity build-up required for development of urban agriculture, sustainable agriculture and green economy in WB.  

Accordingly, the project is prepared with the aims: 

To enhance partner HEIs visibility and capacity to deliver more attractive education and training in line with program countries needs  according to the best European practices in order to improve students/trainees employability and HEIs sustainability fostering internationalization.

Specific objectives are:  

-To define postgraduates/trainees knowledge, skills and competences needed to meet national and EU strategies and entrepreneurial sector needs fostering collaboration with different stakeholders especially from entrepreneurial sector. 

-To analyse existing business models, preferences and capacities with the respect to defined needs and to create a sustainable business models and revenue oriented strategies.  

-To develop context-related competences descriptions and reference systems to assess, evaluate and evidence these competences and connection them to formal validation and accreditation systems (ECTS) and diploma supplement.  

-To foster “internationalization at home” and collaboration between partner HEIs while providing learning flexibility and inter disciplinary approach thus offering cross-cultural experience and increasing partners HEIs capacity to answer change in society needs by promoting modern business opportunities in urban agriculture and SME related activities.  

-To facilitate transfer of knowledge, skills, technology and good practice in order to augment teaching staff expertise in the field teaching process, distance learning, competence based learning and professional field of expertise. 

-To develop new teaching material and infrastructure needed to deliver hand-on experience. 

-To develop and implement new urban agriculture master study curriculum and LLL program at 5 HEIs in WB countries with a help from program HEIs according to EU standards. New master study curriculum and LLL programs will use competence based learning methodology and foster collaboration with entrepreneurial sector. 

These will enable HEIs to discuss issues related to sustainable agriculture, green economy, urban agriculture, and transfer information and knowledge fostering economical development. New modern teaching/learning environments accompanied with appropriate transferable competences and entrepreneurial skills will strengthen students’ employability. 

To enhance urban sustainability and green economy development in WB countries with inclusion of entrepreneurial sector and farmers.   

Specific objectives are:  

-To conduct campaigns targeted at several levels of society (general, governance, deprived, unemployed, poor, etc.), in order to inform on urban agriculture, sustainable development and green economy.  

-To exploit project outcomes for development of urban policies and strategies by collaboration with local authorities. 

Project proposes innovative approaches to agricultural production could have positive impact for poverty reduction, self employment, building energy efficiency, biodiversity and ecology and food carbon footprint.